Project No. 19785

Description of the project: Internationalisation of Tecnitiles own brand solutions and Close ’ in

Summary of the project

The company FLOORS SILVA – HARDWOOD FLOORS AND OTHER S. A., was created in February 1998 and dedicates its activity to the commercialization and application of floors and wood and, still, the marketing of paints, varnishes and similar products for wood floors and other coatings.

When it comes to internationalization, the company aims to achieve a relevant market share, with a special focus on the African continent, particularly in Mozambique and even growth by market extension, in this way, the entry into new markets and at the same time, increase the number of customers who are on current export markets. In terms of potential market interest, the bet of the company pass through construction/rehabilitation sector and tourism and residential decoration.

The DECKS SILVA holds two own brands registered in Portugal, the first designated Close”in registered in 2007, is a brand that operates in the sector of mobile walls, offering a set of solutions with a system of displacement after closed form a wall, allowing active use of spaces with the privacy needed. The second marker, designated Tecnitiles, registered in 2011, is a trademark of modular raised technical floor, that presents itself as a practical and functional solution, being supported by adjustable metal structure which allows leveling the floor quickly, allowing, also the customization of the pavement and consequently of space.

In order to implement the approach endorsed in terms of globalization and achieve the goals previously defined, the organisation aims to perform the following actions:

– Knowledge of foreign markets: through participation in fairs;

– Web presence, through the digital economy: bet on your institutional website redesign;

– Prospecting and presence in international markets: carrying out prospecting trips to target markets;

– International Marketing: reshaping his image and even of their own brands;

– Introduction of new business practices and organization in external relations.

Total eligible cost

574.697,19 €

EU financial support

258.613,74 €