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29 October 2019

TimberTech in BRISA's service areas

BRISA recently renewed its service areas in order to meet the needs that have been felt with the users of highways. Colibri Via Verde is the brand that establishes the new innovative concept at the level of restoration. SILVAS participated in the national renewal of these spaces, in the service areas of the A1 […]

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15 July 2019

Meet the VELL, the brand of kitchen and BATHROOM furniture

  Arrived in brand new kitchen and BATHROOM furniture, VELL – Design & Functionality. Aware of the importance that these spaces have won, the VELL seeks to combine the functionality to design in all your projects. The minimalist lines to more contemporary, the VELL offers a large diversity of materials without ever neglecting the quality. […]

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24 April 2019

Silvas awarded the SME Excellence Status 2018

The Silvas-Woods & Coats was awarded the SME Excellence Status 2018. This distinction is an initiative promoted by IAPMEI, in partnership with the Tourism of Portugal and with major banks. SMEs are Excellence, According to Nuno Sleeves, President of IAPMEI, "financially robust companies, featuring a high standard competitive, based on […]

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