Woodcover: the natural elegance of hardwood floors

27 September, 2018

Os pavimentos em madeira da Woodcover são compostos por material 100% natural, o que contribui para a sua qualidade estética, and consequently to the high demand of this option. Later, outros fatores que distinguem este pavimento são

Reliaboard Grey or Terrain Silver Maple: meet grayscale deck options

30 May, 2018

When it's time to look for a composite deck, the visual is one of the factors to be taken into account. The Timbertech decking offer captivating colors and feature additional benefits such as durability, o alto desempenho ou os baixos custos de manutenç

Turn the floor into a decorative object with the Shape Lab

23 April, 2018

The Dickson is the floor of the future that combines the visual and the sensitivity of the textile with the durability of vinyl. Is an innovative solution that responds to the aesthetic requirements of the most challenging environments. With the Shape Lab Dickson is even possi

Looks like a lamp right? And is. But it's not just!

6 July, 2017

Before we reveal what we all seek to know, have advanced since the subject today is: Kitchens! We show how a few details can make a difference in one of the areas of the House that we spend more time. So even, Today we showed some accessorie

Maintenance of wooden Floors

22 June, 2017

  With the arrival of the holidays, almost always we take for a deeper cleaning of our rooms. That's when equacionamos a wood floor maintenance. In this post we left some recommendations and tips to qu

Herringbone and Chevron, or by another, fishbone and Hungarian point.

24 May, 2017

Herringbone and chevron, fishbone and Hungarian point – The use of clubs applied in form of herringbone and chevron, fishbone and Hungarian point, respectively, has risen with the increasing of rehabilitation projects. If

Wood decking and composite decking – Our experience.

30 March, 2017

Wood decking and composite decks if you still don't know the major differences between wood decking and composite decking, see all here. Can draw here to build your. The Silvas-Woods & Coatings offers a wide

Outdoor Areas – Terraces for inspiration!

30 March, 2017

Decks, terraces and swimming pools be your small or large terrace, with or without swimming pool, get inspired with all the suggestions here we leave. If you are in doubt what type of material should choose (wood deck or composite deck), Don't let

Decks: Differences between wood and composite

29 March, 2017

Exterior decks is increasingly common install decks in different housing areas. Given the wide variety of alternatives, It is essential to know the key differences between these two materials for a choice

What features you're looking for when choosing a floor?

8 March, 2017

  Silence? Thermal insulation? Comfort when walking? Body wellness? Impact resistance?   Actually, you don't need to give up any characteristic referred to, Thanks to an element – Cork. Cork is a matér