15 July 2019

Meet the VELL, the brand of kitchen and BATHROOM furniture

  Arrived in brand new kitchen and BATHROOM furniture, VELL – Design & Functionality. Aware of the importance that these spaces have won, the VELL seeks to combine the functionality to design in all your projects. The minimalist lines to more contemporary, the VELL offers a large diversity of materials without ever neglecting the quality. […]

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24 April 2019

Silvas awarded the SME Excellence Status 2018

The Silvas-Woods & Coats was awarded the SME Excellence Status 2018. This distinction is an initiative promoted by IAPMEI, in partnership with the Tourism of Portugal and with major banks. SMEs are Excellence, According to Nuno Sleeves, President of IAPMEI, "financially robust companies, featuring a high standard competitive, based on […]

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28 February 2019

4.0, the customizable lifted pavement

4.0 is the new deck lifted the TECNITILES customizable by Nesite with pigmented resin finish. The distinctive features of this new product are due to finish your, offering a wide variety of colors and finishes. The 4.0 makes it possible to customize the floor with several shapes and colors.   What's your composition? This new deck […]

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22 November 2018

Original Chapel: tranquility in unique spaces

The Chapel is the seal of quality of Dutch wood floors that tell a story of a natural product badge. Original Chapel floors are manufactured in an ecological environment, where the best european oak wood is used. Just as each tree is unique, Chapel products are also unique. For this reason, are […]

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23 April 2018

Turn the floor into a decorative object with the Shape Lab

The Dickson is the floor of the future that combines the visual and the sensitivity of the textile with the durability of vinyl. Is an innovative solution that responds to the aesthetic requirements of the most challenging environments. With the Shape Lab Dickson is possible to develop unique spaces, custom and creative. The shapes and textures work in […]

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22 June 2017

Maintenance of wooden Floors

  With the arrival of the holidays, almost always we take for a deeper cleaning of our rooms. That's when equacionamos a wood floor maintenance. In this post we left some recommendations and tips for your pavement maintenance be successful! Tip #1: Always prefer the products suggested by your brand […]

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24 May 2017

Herringbone and Chevron, or by another, fishbone and Hungarian point.

Herringbone and chevron, fishbone and Hungarian point – The use of clubs applied in form of herringbone and chevron, fishbone and Hungarian point, respectively, has risen with the increasing of rehabilitation projects. If you think that the modern is Antony this kind of provision, so this post is for you. Difference […]

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28 July 2016

Rebranding reinforces the exclusivity nature Silvas

The Silvas-Woods and Finishes has a new identity. The change reflects the dynamism and maturity and is based on the values that define: the quality, the professionalism and innovation. The new identity takes on his form and essence one of the main features of the Brambles: the exclusivity. For that, the brand […]

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