21 December 2023

Silvas participates in the Quinta da Malta project in Leiria

QUINTA DA MALTA APARTMENTS YEAR: 2023 LOCATION: LEIRIA PRODUCTS TO BE APPLIED: - VELL KITCHEN - WOOD FLOORING NOVUS WOOD DOMUS OAK Silvas will collaborate in the work currently under construction "Quinta da Malta - Lot 1.10", In Leiria. The housing project belonging to the company Poligreen S.A. of the Mekkin group (Mark) with a [...]
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6 September 2023

All the advantages of vinyl flooring in Herringbone

The amybone floor has been increasingly sought! The truth is that the herringbone has been one of the trends that has remained on the rise for years. Is, Undoubtedly, one of the preferred application options of those who design spaces, given his polyvalence. We are talking about a solution [...]
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6 October 2021

The Carpentry Industry that fulfills your dreams

Our Industry is ready for your custom project! With an area of more than 2000m², the manufacturing facilities of Silvas - Madeiras & Coatings have all the necessary machinery for the development of carpentry parts for residential areas, Commercial, offices, or for other, more demanding projects. Large doors, [...]
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3 August 2020

SILVAS in Jornal Económico

This week's Economic Journal has an interview with our CEO Francisco Silva. Learn more about silvas' recent manufacturing facility – Woods & Coatings dedicated to custom-made furniture. Interview below, also available in the Economic Journal Supplement: (page 21).   In the market for more than two decades, a Silvas Woods and Coatings […]

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29 October 2019

TimberTech in BRISA's service areas

BRISA recently renewed its service areas in order to meet the needs that have been felt with the users of highways. Colibri Via Verde is the brand that establishes the new innovative concept at the level of restoration. SILVAS participated in the national renewal of these spaces, in the service areas of the A1 […]

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30 March 2017

Outdoor Areas – Terraces for inspiration!

Decks, terraces and swimming pools be your small or large terrace, with or without swimming pool, get inspired with all the suggestions here we leave. If you are in doubt what type of material should choose (wood deck or composite deck), be sure to read our article here.   Tip #1 – Create areas of […]

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29 March 2017

Decks: Differences between wood and composite

Exterior decks is increasingly common install decks in different housing areas. Given the wide variety of alternatives, It is essential to know the key differences between these two materials to make a right choice.   1. Exterior decks: Differences between wood and composite 1.1 Behavior of a natural wooden deck […]

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