Project No. 19785

Description of the project | Internationalisation of Tecnitiles own brand solutions and Close ’ in

Project code | CENTER-02-0752-FEDER-019785

Main objective | Strengthen the competitiveness of SMEs

The region of intervention | Center


Date of approval | 03-11-2016

Start date | 22-04-2016

Date of completion | 21-04-2019

Total eligible cost |574.697,19 EUR

Apoio financeiro da União Europeia | FEDER 258.613,74 EUR

Summary of the project:

The company intends to internationalize your services and products, in order to achieve a relevant market share, with a special focus on the African continent, in particular in Mozambique. The company intends to still grow through the extension of market. In terms of potential market interest, the bet of the company pass through construction/rehabilitation sector and residential decoration and of tourism in Cape Verdean markets, Moroccan, Spanish, French, Luxembourgish, English and Swiss.

The organisation aims to perform the following actions:

-Knowledge of foreign markets: through participation in fairs;

-Web presence, through the digital economy: bet on your institutional website redesign;

-Prospection and presence in international markets: carrying out prospecting trips to target markets;

-International Marketing: reshaping his image and even of their own brands;

-Introduction of new commercial practices and organization in external relations.

Project No. 033079

Description of the project | Alargamento da cadeia de valor ao nível do fabrico de eco soluções próprias em madeira. Design of customized designs in wood.

Project code | CENTER-02-0853-FEDER-033079

Main objective | Strengthen the competitiveness of SMEs

The region of intervention | Center


Date of approval | 29/01/2018

Start date | 16/04/2018

Date of completion | 13/10/2020

Total eligible cost |1.290.303,23€

Apoio financeiro da União Europeia | FEDER 774.181,94 €

Summary of the project:

A Pavimentos Silva – Pavimentos em Madeira e Outros Revestimentos, S.A., is a company that initiated the activity in your year 1998, It currently develops your development activity, commercialization and application of floor solutions, coatings, project as of spaces in wood furniture, being holder of 5 trade marks registered at national level (differentiating factor).

No âmbito do presente projeto a empresa tem como pretensão alargar a sua atuação ao longo da cadeia passando a fabricar produtos próprios e customizados. Like this, In addition to inserting in the trade, the company enter the furniture manufacturing sector, intending to differentiate itself by betting on the design of solutions customized to the needs of wood, i. and. technical floors, Mobile walls and complete projects in wood.

The company set the project in main typology: «Diversification of an existing establishment», and the project is intended for the establishment of the company located on Shepherd Street S/N IC2 Boa Vista 2420-399 Leiria, Union of the parishes of St. Euphemia and Boa Vista, municipality of Leiria.

The present investment project, referred to as ' Enlargement of the value chain in terms of manufacture of eco solutions in wood. Design of custom wooden projects.», has as main objective the creation of a productive unit equipped with advanced production systems and technologically advanced equipment that enable greater automation of the process, as well as the communication between machines and people, It is intended for the production of eco sustainable Solutions in wood (technical floors and flooring). On the other hand, organizational efficiency will rise through the acquisition and implementation of advanced information systems, to enable communication between the various production equipment and design and production departments, It is still provided for the completion of associated actions to marketing.