Meet the VELL, the brand of kitchen and BATHROOM furniture

15 July, 2019


Arrived in brand new kitchen and BATHROOM furniture, VELL – Design & Functionality. Aware of the importance that these spaces have won, the VELL procura aliar a funcionalidade ao design em todos os seus projetos. The minimalist lines to more contemporary, the VELL presents a great diversity of materials without ever neglecting the quality.

Conheça agora as várias linhas de cozinhas e móveis WC VELL.




Full of glamour, the line UNIQUE is distinguished by the refinement in the fronts, scratched or smooth, lacquered gloss or matte, give the space nobility and grace. The combination of the different materials, with the sparkles and the preciousness of the line UNIQUE, allow unique spaces, targeted at an audience more demanding and unique.


Focused on an audience that likes to highlight the difference, the line TAILOR enables various finishes in handle, allowing adjustment to the surrounding decoration, making custom and unique cuisine. The RIP stopped grants door elegance and functionality. The simplicity of the colors and the merger with the superlative materials, give the line TAILOR an elegance always present.


The lighter tones played by the darker, applied in the noblest materials, denote design and minimalism. A meia esquadria da linha MITTER, present in almost all the elements, gives an elegant and subtle. These features can also be present in the stands and meal. Woods, lacquered, Granites, compounds. a wide range of products and finishes that allow you to adjust the space to our likeness.



Directed to a conservative audience, the linha ATTIC keep the engradamento at the door, making the kitchen more classic, even when mixed with minimalist lines, enables the wood finish or lacquered, along with the use of wings, for opening of the fronts. Allows diverse solutions and adjusted to the space and your user.


The symmetry present in space, permite à linha PURE, standardize the solutions between handles and fronts, using a greater versatility of materials, as melamine, lacquered or wood sheets, making the most homogeneous environment. Ideal for those who like simplicity and minimalism.

Móveis WC


Warm colors and straight forms, worked with different materials. Wood, lacquered, glass and Corian. Many materials, many forms, a single language. elegance GIUMETRIK.


In the context of making the toughest bathroom furniture, the linha RESIST merges design with highly resistant materials to water and humidity. The various finishes as the Phoenix, the Corian, ceramic, Quartz compounds or even natural stones, allow the line RESIST the perfect combination between good taste and functionality.


The VELL procura que cada projecto seja uma continuação de quem o utiliza. Recria ambientes mais modernos e com design superior de acordo com as necessidades e preferências de cada um.

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