The Carpentry Industry that fulfills your dreams

6 October, 2021

Our Industry is ready for your custom project! With an area of more than 2000m², the manufacturing facilities of the Silvas - Woods & Coatings have all the necessary machinery for the development of carpentry parts for residential areas, Commercial, offices, or for other, more demanding projects.

Large doors, staircase, slatted, wardrobes and kitchens with distinct details, are just some of the examples of what our team is prepared to produce.

It all starts with the presentation of proposals by our commercial and technical team, focused on finding the solutions that best meet customer needs. The team of designers then designs custom quality designs for the idealized carpentry.

Then comes the time of production. The factory has disconnectmachines, CNC and cutting. The assembly and painting team is experienced and attentive to the various details. Our carpenters are dedicated to the manufacture of furniture, process that involves precision work with various types of woods – want nobles, want massive – and veneers. Knowledge of the materials is essential for the end result to have the greatest possible impact and offer value to our customers.

Conservation and restoration work also works are carried out at the factory, ensuring high quality finishes. The methods, both artisanal and technological, are combined according to what the materials require.

Watch the video below and learn more about the process.

We will continue to invest in the constant increase and improvement of production facilities, keeping up with the required quality. We thus seek to provide carpentry as it combines functionality and elegance, contributing to more practical and attractive spaces.

Learn more about our carpentry brand customized or ask for your budget!