Maintenance of wooden Floors

22 June, 2017


With the arrival of the holidays, almost always we take for a deeper cleaning of our rooms. That's when equacionamos a wood floor maintenance.

In this post We left some recommendations and tips for your pavement maintenance be successful!

Tip #1: Always prefer the products suggested by the brand of your floor. In case of doubt, see a commercial Silvas. In this post, We will illustrate with brand products Bonn.

Daily cleaning


Tip #2: When choosing a cleaning product for your floor, Choose neutral pH products!

The cleaning detergent Bona wood floor has been specially designed for effective cleaning of: varnished or waxed wood floors; parquet; lacquered wood floating floor. It is a detergent to spray, convenient, ready to use neutral pH and.



Tip #3: After vacuuming, always use a Microfiber cloth, with electrostatic action, to attract any dust and small particles which vacuum can't catch. (Only then stop seeing that white spot on the pavement that sunshine brings out!)

Vacuuming the pavement before making a wet cleaning to make sure that eliminates dirt and loose sand or use the Grabs dust MOP refill of Bona (refill Microfiber washable, silky smooth, with electrostatic super action).



1 – Spray a small section of the floor with cleaning detergent.

2 – Clean this section using the grabs dust MOP refill of Bona or washable Microfiber cloth with electrostatic action.

3 – Spray the remaining deck and clean the entire surface.

Tip #4 – Difficult stains, rubber soles marks or sticky splashes, etc., spray the cleaner directly on the stain and leave to act for a few minutes. Rub the stain to remove it completely.

Wood floor maintenance



For facilitate the work, think of the Spray Mop -believe that will make a difference! Leave aside the buckets, MOP and detergents. Here, you just have to spray and clean up!


Don't believe?

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We suggest that the maintenance is done 2 times per year. However, must advise directly with the brand of your floor.

Tip #5 – Start by identifying the type of finish of your floor. The varnish, visually it looks like a film on the floor. Already the oil, accompanies the wooden surface relief.


Maintenance of lacquered wood floors

There are 3 types of restorers.

– Brightness: Restores the shine, providing continued protection against wear.

– Kill: Preserves the appearance of your deck mate, providing continuous protection against wear.

– Satin finish: Revives the scratched surfaces and erased and offers a solid protection against wear. Does not contain wax and, so, allows future layers of varnish. The Bona wood floor Renewal restores the beauty of wood floors, and does the old floors look new.

Note: Do not use these products on any floor that has been treated with waxes or oils. The wax residue and oil will prevent a proper grip on the floor of the Bona Parquet Polish. If you are not sure, make a small test before use. Shake the bottle before use and apply a normal room temperature, between 18 and 25° C.

Wood floor maintenance


Remove dirt and loose sand the floor. Clean the floor with the Bona Parquet cleaning detergent, as explained above, and let dry.


1 – Pour a large line and corrugated Bona Parquet Polish on a small section of the floor.

2 – Extend the product over that section using a Bona cleaner MOP refill.

3 – Complete this section with the polishing MOP refill or a micro fibre cloth in the direction of the wood.

4 -Continue section by section until all the floor has been treated.

You can walk on the floor passed 2 hours, but avoid high traffic and do not replace furniture or carpets during the 12 early hours.

Maintenance of oiled wood floors

The Refresher oil refresher Bonn makes it easy to maintenance of oiled and waxed wood floors, floors, parquet and floating floors with oil finish.

Simply spray and wipe the floor – It is not necessary to enceragem the machine. Always work in the wood.

You can walk on the floor passed 2 hours, but avoid high traffic and do not replace furniture or carpets during the 12 early hours.

Wood floor maintenance



Come and see these products in our showrooms (Lisbon and Leiria) or send us a request for information if you want to meet, for example, the prices or other conditions:

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