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SILVAS Cork wall coverings – Muratto (Hexagon)

With the help of the latest technology of the Cork industry-molding technology-you can create the collection Organic Blocks with 8 volumes and different ways. This collection provides a distinctive esthetic result in each wall design. The products are composed of a combination of pigments, special resins and granulated Cork, resulting a natural product, spontaneous and desirable.

In addition to these features, the option of "pigmentation" instead of "paint" solution, allows the Cork structure remains visible and the pieces to be cut do not lose color. This collection symbolizes the magic combination of design, technology and Cork.


The Hexagon is one of the geometric forms that exist in nature. Creating additional internal forms, the Hexagon allowed the interface of each and all the tiles creating a single result.

dimension: 217 x 188 x 25 mm