Anti-dirt barrier


Basmat is a brand of carpets formed by aluminum profiles in which textile fiber parts are inserted, plastic or brushes. It is available in various colors to facilitate its integration in any environment.

The combined action of the different materials acts as a barrier against dirt. This helps keep the floor cleaner for a longer period of time, also helping to reduce maintenance costs. Basmat extends, Like this, the length of the floors.

Get to know the collections.


For installations on surfaces and laminate floor With only 9 mm thick and the right choice for installations in surface or embedded in the ground. The Atenea and model suited for places where no and can install thicker rugs. The width of the profile and 34 mm and to make a linear meter are […]


Height: 22 mm The Apollo model is specially designed to be embedded in ceramic or marble stone floors.   Consists of aluminium profiles on which parts are non-slip carpet or by hard. Features a height of 22 mm. The dirt is retained in the spaces between the profiles, of which […]


Special to cover large expanses Zeus model consists of aluminium profiles with carpet inserts, anti-slip rubber or wirehaired.   With a thickness of 17 mm, the standard size of the spans of the entrance mats, Zeus is the perfect solution for new buildings and facilities, especially if it is embedded in the ground. […]


Standard thickness 17 mm the model Hermes and composed of aluminium profiles with rubber non-slip carpet inserts or at hard.   With a thickness of 17 mm standard size of entry rugs spans Hermes and the perfect solution for new buildings and facilities especially if they are embedded […]