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From sustainability to better acoustics and fiber technology, carpets in mosaic modulyss offer a wide range of advantages when compared to other flooring products. The strong focus on innovation allows the development of carpets in mosaics that are the ideal solution for each project.
Certification programs, internal and external, Of modulyss ensure safe products, sustainable and high-quality.

Sustainable carpet mosaics

The modulyss pioneered the use of recycled and regenerated Econyl fibers® produced by Aquafil.

In modulyss there is, many years ago, a programme called CO2RE, which consists of the acquisition of credits to be used in environmental projects certified in order to contribute to the development of societies with serious needs but, simultaneously, ensuring that the production of the products results in neutral greenhouse gas emissions.

Recently, to modulyss we have developed a foundation for mosaics - ecoBack -, free of bitumen or PVC, with which it is possible to ensure that 127 References, have obtained the classification Cradle to Cradle Gold and Silver.

Products modulyss also contribute to obtaining credits under the new BREEAM certifications, LEED and WELL.

Get to know the collections modulyss.

00 Alpha

03 Millennium NXTGen

07 Cobbles

08 Haze

09 Dune

10 Meadow

11 Polder

14 Cambridge

15 Perpetual &

16 Core

17 Lithograph

18 Half

19 Etch

20 In-groove

22 Fluid&


24 First Forward

25 First Straightline

26 First Streamline

27 First Decode


28 First Define


33 DSGN Absolute

34 Motion

34 Vision

35 Pure Air100


37 DSGN Tweed

39 Opposite

41 Pixel

42 Patchwork

43 Pattern

44 Moss

45 Leaf

46 Willow

47 Grind

48 Fashion&

49 Velvet&

50 Blaze

51 These

51 Dusk

52 Gleam

53 Spark