Profiles and skirtings Profiles and skirtings


Profilpas is a brand of technical and finishing profiles and skirting boards for ceramics, wood, Rolled, linoleum and carpet, designed to achieve the best technical and aesthetic solution in a variety of situations.

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Metal Line Ask for more information METAL LINE is an innovative line of footers, rich in solutions and with a wide variety of combinations and colours capable of meeting any housing requirements, from small to large aggregation sites. Metal Line is distinguished by its versatility and functionality, but especially for their […]

Profiles for Bow

ProFlex PROFLEX more informations Online is a flexible line suitable for ceramic floors, in wood and laminates, carpets, etc., where it is necessary to follow curvilinear floor Dynamics. La PROFLEX range includes: junction profiles for floors complanados; Terminal profiles, that provide a trade-off between present level differences in […]

Profiles for Wood Floors

Unisystem ® Plus – Unisystem ® UNISYSTEM ® PLUS and UNISYSTEM ® are two professional systems for floating laying wooden floors and laminates, allowing the necessary expansion of the same. Both systems consist of a base profile in natural aluminium and cover profiles that have different functions: junction profiles for hardwood floors […]

Profiles for Steps

Prostep PROSTEP is a line of profiles for performing, definition and protection, during the phase of settlement, ceramic steps, marble, Stone, etc.. Available for different heights and proposal in different materials, such as: aluminum, brass, stainless steel, wood and PVC, in various finishes; with a serrated surface or with non-slip insert, in […]

Profiles for balconies and terraces

Aplicación PROTEC is a line of polished aluminum and stainless steel terminal profiles suitable for laying floors on balconies and terraces; ensure an adequate flow of rainwater from the surface and avoid direct contact of the same with the fundamentals and, so, the occurrence of phenomena of infiltration. Exercise […]

Expansion joints and roof flashing

DIL Projoint more informations PROJOINT DIL is a line of expansion joints suitable for fixing ceramic floors, usually subject to expansion phenomena. It is particularly suitable for large surfaces, in relation to the splitting presents the fundamentals, to reduce the expansion and/or contraction of the floor or absorb […]

Coverings profiles Desnívelados

Aplicación PRONIVEL Q is a line of brass terminal profiles, whose leaning section, designed specifically for the conjunction of different levels between floors previously settled, of the same or different nature, allows the Elimination of the(s) step(s) caused(s) the different thicknesses of. It is also effective in cases of settlement of ground on floor (as, […]

Profiles for Floors on the same level

Proangle PROANGLE ® Cerfix is a line of technical profiles designed to: finishing, closing, protection and decoration in the works of complanados ceramic floors, marble, Granite, wood or other materials. Is, Besides, ideal as: separation joint between floors decorated with different materials (for example, between ceramic floors and floors […]

Instalações ' Sanitárias Perfis

Aplicación SANIBORD is a line of technical profiles in varnished aluminum and PVC, particularly suitable for use as connecting elements between ceramic and sanitary coatings or coatings and work surfaces, with hygienic protection and maintenance function. Models B/20 and BP/20 are specifically suitable for coatings and toilets or coatings and […]

Profiles for interior angles

Cerfix ® Proround M – P more informations PROROUND M and P, available in aluminum, stainless steel and PVC, are perimeter connection profiles between flooring and covering, that should be used in environments that require a high level of hygiene, such as hospitals, food industries, swimming pools, Spas and industrial kitchens. Cerfix ® Proround M – […]

Profiles for External Angles

Aplicación PROCORNER M are profiles mainly used as protective elements of the external angles of the coatings and decorative finish, on surfaces previously settled. Available in different aluminum finishes (210-220-277), stainless steel (774-775-776-777-779) and brass (076-077), are applied through the use of suitable adhesives (type PP/86) . Some models come with self-adhesive to provide […]

Decorative Ribbons

Aplicación "PROLIST" is a range of decorative lists designed to create sophisticated and attractive chromatic effects on ceramic coatings. Are available in different materials and chromatic finishes and can be combined with PROTRIM range profiles, PROANGLE and PROANGLE Q for sophisticated and elegant decorative effects.   They are extremely competitive products that […]