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Timbertech composite decks are designed for those looking for a customized, high-quality exterior solution.

Never need to be varnished or sanded and have the appearance and touch of wood, with the increased strength of composite materials. They're strong enough to resist mold, risks, stains and termite damage and rot.

Get to know the collections.

Prime+ Collection

Composite Prime+ Explore this selection of beautiful decking boards with a subtle mix of colors and incredible linear grain pattern. dimension: 3660 x 136 x 24 mm Colors

Legacy Collection

Simply timeless Harmony without predictability. This technologically advanced collection incorporates so many variation possibilities and effects that makes almost unlimited options. Ideal for those who like the best design and style. dimension: 2450 x 136 x 24mm Colors

Vintage Collection

Vintage deck collection offers more you/she d'eat design options. Available in narrow widths, standard and wide, can also choose from a wide variety of color options with subtle highlights and high impact. Dimensions: Thickness: 24mm Widths available: Narrow 89mm, Standard 136mm, Wide 184mm Lengths available: 3,66 m, 4,88 m and […]