Reliaboard Grey or Terrain Silver Maple: meet grayscale deck options

30 May, 2018

When it's time to look for a composite deck, the visual is one of the factors to be taken into account. The Timbertech decking offer captivating colors and feature additional benefits such as durability, high performance or low maintenance costs.

There are various colors available in various collections Timbertech. Have you ever considered, for example, in opting for a grayscale composite deck for your outdoor environment? Here are some examples of the application of Timbertech Deck in this color.



Reliaboard Grey

One of the options we present is the Grey Reliaboard. The Reliaboard is an option and reduced maintenance. Resistance to damage caused by mold and humidity is high and does not require annual sealing or varnishing. The color remains, so, consistent over time.

Terrain Silver Maple

Another option that here we expose is the Terrain Silver Maple. This color enriches the natural beauty of outer space. It is also a lasting option that supports the adverse climate and is resistant to staining, scratches and fading.


Meet the Timbertech range find the color that matches the style that most searches for your outdoor space.

Spend more time outdoors with the decks of the Timbertech! Visit our showrooms and meet the deck options we provide.