SILVAS in Jornal Económico

3 August, 2020

The Economic Journal this week has an interview with our CEO Francisco Silva. Learn more about silvas' recent manufacturing facility – Woods & Coatings dedicated to custom-made furniture. Interview below, also available in the Economic Journal Supplement: (page 21).


In the market for more than two decades, Silvas Madeiras and Revestimentos has already gone through the construction boom of the years 90 and the financial crisis of 2008/2009. Now, launch a custom furniture manufacturing unit 100% Autonomous. For Francisco Silva, one of the founding brothers of the company, success is due to integrated and cross-cutting solutions.


Silvas has been on the market for more than 20 years. How the path has been charted so far, focus on the recent manufacturing unit dedicated to custom-made furniture?
Silvas Madeiras e Revestimentos over the years of existence has undergone several phases and adaptations in its product portfolio, started out as a company that simply marketed and applied wooden floors, we quickly realized that there was a need to complete our range of products and solutions and we started marketing carpentry and kitchen furniture.
In the years 2007/2008, which were difficult years due to the financial crisis that the whole country and Europe in general went through, we took advantage of this difficult moment of the economy and specifically the construction to capture and introduce in our portfolio several representations of international brands of products that we still represent today. The year of 2018 was when we decided to invest in the custom furniture and carpentry manufacturing unit. This project alters the entire paradigm of the company that until then was a purely commercial company to be also industrial.


What is the importance of offering your customers the possibility to purchase products 100% customizable and unique? Surely this choice has helped your expansion from residential to the commercial and hotel area?
At the height of the construction of the 90, until the emergence of the financial crisis that severely affected the construction of, what was sold were quantities and products in series. The drop in house sales caused real estate developers to differentiate themselves, there comes the customization and differentiation of materials. Today, these years and after the recovery of the economy, differentiation was for us the opportunity to offer our customers tailor-made solutions, with different materials in the various areas both residential and hospitality and retail.


Why this need to control the whole process since the creation, manufacturing and quality control until installation? Today customers are increasingly looking for solutions 100% cross-sectional and concentrated?
Today, the customer when buying a product or solution, want a cross-service, from the design to the installation of the product. In order to respond effectively we must control all the phases through which the whole process goes until the customer enjoys the product he has bought. We have a team of designers who create and design the product or solution, we manufacture and control the quality, and we install at the customer's house.

They speak of a "constant need to innovate, create new concepts and processes that respond to the needs and expectations" of your customers. That's where this project comes from? What has been feedback from customers?
Innovation and creation of new products is another decisive factor in meeting the needs of the increasingly demanding and competitive market. The investment we have made in the manufacturing unit meets this permanent need for the company to present new and differentiating products and solutions to our customers whether they are in the residential area, hotel or retail.


They intend to expand the portfolio of services and products, in addition to this self-contained manufacturing unit? For which areas and, Incidentally, for when?

The current moment is the consolidation of the investment that has been made. Silvas Madeiras e Revestimentos has a team of highly ambitious employees focused on what it does, this is a reason to always be attentive to new projects whenever they are an opportunity or solution for the company to grow.