All the advantages of vinyl flooring in Herringbone

6 September, 2023

The amybone floor has been increasingly sought! The truth is that the herringbone has been one of the trends that has remained on the rise for years. Is, Undoubtedly, one of the preferred application options of those who design spaces, given his polyvalence. We speak of a solution that fits both the most modern spaces, as the most classic environments.

Combine the timeless design of the application in fishbone, the durability and strength characteristics of the vinyls is possible! Example of this is the collection Novusvinyl Comfortech Herringbone. Available in four colors: Armida, Figaro, Traviata and Tosca. Four shades of oak ranging from the lightest (Figaro) and the darkest (Tosca), in order to find the best solution for each environment.

All of these options feature a synchronized shaft. This means that the touch accompanies the look, making the end result as similar as possible to wood.

The measures 875 x 125 x 8 mm are ideal for making an impact. The acoustic screen is also one of the added value of these floors. With a reduction of 21 decibel, this protection contributes to quieter spaces and adds even more comfort.

As for the application, is done through the click system. Already present in the other Novus Vinyl collections, this is a very practical docking method.

If you are looking for an elegant solution that allows you to bring a touch of class to the space you are developing, we suggest you Novus Vinyl Comfortech Herringbone! Want to know more? Contact-us!