Vycover: decoration, durability and large vinyl formats

11 December, 2018

Already here spoke of solutions wood flooring Woodcover, and its advantages. Although we have highlighted the large formats available on this floor option, There are also solutions on vinyl with this feature.
The vinyl flooring Vycover not only is a economic alternative natural wood surfaces and ceramic surfaces, It also offers wide variety of formats.
The Vycover collections totaling more than 25 different models of vinyl flooring.


Vycover PREMIERclick

The PremierClick collection is distinguished by your stiffness and is composed of hardened PVC layers. With 4,2 mm total thickness gets a stiffness 2 times higher than the normal vinyl.

Floor Vinyl Ether Vycover PremierClick Mulhacen

Vycover PremierClick Mulhacen


The Absolut collection It's a tricapa vinyl. Has as main features your large format (1810mm long) and durability.

Floor Vinyl Ether Vycover Absolut Azure

Absolut Azure Vycover

Vycover STYLE

The Vycover collection Style It is subdivided into 3 lines according to your appearance. The Natural line account with acoustic core of fiberglass. The Ceramic line features a ceramic texture. Finally, the Real Wood line mimics the natural wood.

Floor vinyl ether Vycover Style Natural Roble Artic

Vycover Natural Roble Artic Style


Vycover Style Ceramic Metal Floor

Vycover Style Ceramic Metal



Learn more 5 reasons for choosing this floor, both for residential areas, trade.

1. Decorative:

With a realistic aspect, faithfully reproduces the real texture of wood and ceramics. There are various design options and texture, suitable for different types of spaces.

2. Water resistance:

Vycover floors are resistant to water, making it suitable for spaces usually moist, bathrooms or kitchens.

3. Impact resistance:

Are resistant to continuous exposure of impacts, abrasion and wear, What is indispensable in high traffic spaces.

4. Ease of installation:

Are easy to install, because thanks to the click System, It is not necessary to resort to glue or similar products.

5. Ease of maintenance:

They are also easy to maintain and clean, since they do not retain the dirt.


In summary, In addition to being a visually appealing solution, This vinyl flooring is characterized by your durability and resistance. The Vycover is a material with various finishes, It is not difficult to find in its collections the pavement which best fits the space that is developing.

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